About CFO Services

​​Organizations may have existing accountants taking care of their routine tax and accounting needs; growth or other operational needs may require a higher degree of skills set. Our talent pool includes senior executives who have past and current experiences in similar F/T positions handling from simple to complex financial issues.

An outsourced CFO, working on a part-time basis, will be able to assist in making, informed strategic operational and financial decisions. The position also assists in providing practical recommendations in terms of organization structure, financial management, tax planning and other compliance issues faced by the client. Few examples of scope of services include

  • Assessment and recommendations on existing Financial Reporting Policies and Procedures
  • Dedicated team to perform on-site/off-site accounting
  • Regular meetings with senior management to review the financial reports and recommend solutions to improve financial performance
  • Access to network and alliances of strategic “partners” for real estate, recruiting, legal and other business needs
  • Assistance in securing short-term and long-term funding
  • Assistance in preparing for external audits
  • Assistance in corporate tax planning
  • Provide other support services as agreed upon in the Engagement Letter

Let's tailor the right solution for your business